Improving Organizational Protection

There are many ways in which identity theft and fraud affects organizations, even to the point of going out of business.  There seems to be no portion of a business which remains secure from the effects of false identities and unverifiable identity documents, without costly prevention programs.  Have you noticed that many of these programs remain ineffective?  Most identity instruments in use today are passive in nature, meaning that they occur after the fact.  Most business owners, managers, and other employees cannot tell the difference between legitimate documents and fraudulent ones.  Today, the differences in these documents are not visible to the naked eye, leaving everyone asking questions like:

"How do I know it's really him/her?"

"Will I be held liable if their identity is fake?"

            "If I try to stop him/her, will I be harmed?"

"My losses are increasing! Will I be able to conduct business tomorrow?"


What would it be worth, if you had a service at your fingertips which can eliminate these concerns? If a service could point out false identities at the register, and remove the need of your personnel from taking action, would they feel safer?  If that same service provided you with a way of eliminating fraud associated with the use of credit cards, food stamps, and the sales of restricted goods to inappropriate customers, would your business be stronger?  If you are running a daycare facility and that same system identified and prevented the admittance of persons having committed crimes against children, what price could you put on keeping your children safe?  What if invalid contact information was no longer a concern, and required contact information was always available?  If you had the ability to verify potential employees before hiring, and transmit employment info securely, would it be worth a one-time fee of $3 (USD) or less per person?  How much is peace-of-mind worth, if you were able to afford your customers the ability to validate your employees before permitting them access to their homes?


The Multi-Use Passport Identification (MPID) system is a one-of-a-kind identity authentication system which will provide security for both corporate and public use. Validating identifies, restricting access/sales, transmitting information securely, and improving security of your customers, are just a few of the many features the system supports.

The MPID system provides active authentication, security, and increased data integrity support simultaneously, providing you powerful tools to decrease your losses and improve your reputation!

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