Donation Terms and Conditions
Not Your Normal Yada-Yada

For those of you who would like a straight-forward list of terms, the following list is for you, though we must ask that you at least take a look at the legal-ease at the bottom of the page, because we devoted a lot of time to it.

  • FIRST: We want to thank you in advance for supporting our efforts with your donations!

  • We cannot accept any donation which is illegal to possess, was obtained illegally, or would be illegal for you to give us (i.e. extracurricular substances -- we’re all full up on crazy here).

  • Just because we agree to accept a donation from someone to support our efforts, it does not mean that we agree with all of their activities, beliefs, morals, or lack thereof.

  • If we do not accept your donation, don’t get upset!  You probably just misspelled our name -- or yours.  Please adjust your donation parameters and try again.

  • If you give it to us, let it go, because we probably spent it already.

  • If we have no use for it, such as coffee pot #18, we’ll return it to you.  Please don’t get your feelings hurt.  We are a green company, which means we don’t like to waste anything.

  • If you’re trying to help us out but remain in the shadows, that’s ok!  Just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to refer to you as “Anonymous Donor”, “John Doe, XIII”, and/or misspell it.

  • If you are shy and don’t want the world to point fingers at you, we completely understand.  Our CEO is like that, and can turn beet red on command.  Just let us know and we’ll put it down as “Anonymous Donation”.  We list donations on our site in an effort to thank folks for their stuff, keep people from thinking that we’re hiding stuff, or to make everyone aware that we already have more than our share of coffee pots.

  • If you cancel out of the donation process, it’s ok.  We know you’ll be back.

...and now a bunch of words from our Legal Department

The following definitions are applicable to the contents of this document:

  • The terms “Bewley Software Productions”, “BSP”, “Company”, “the Company”, and “provider” refer to Bewley Software Productions, Inc., which may also be known by its previous and/or Doing Business As (DBA) names of “Bewley Software Productions, LLC”, “Bewleysoft” and “Bewleysoft LLC”.

  • The terms “MPID”, “System” and “the System” refer to the “Multi-use Passport Identification System”, may also be known as and referred to as the “Multiple-use Passport Identification System”.

  • The term “Donor” refers to a person or organization which provides goods or information to the Company.

  • Donations provided to the Company and/or the System,
    • are sincerely appreciated, whether accepted or not,

    • will be refused if the Donation or act of accepting the donation, is illegal within the United States,

    • will be refused if the Donor obtained possession or control of the Donation by means which are considered to be illegal within the United States,

    • may be accepted without indicating that the Company accepts, condones, approves, disapproves, or condemns the activities of the Donor,

    • are considered final once notification is received by the Company that funds or goods have been delivered to the control or possession of the Company,

    • may be returned or refused if acceptance of such Donations is not in the best interest of the Company,

    • may be returned or refused if Company cannot make use of the Donations before they expire, depreciate in value, or may become damaged prior to use,

    • may be accepted and list the Donor as “Anonymous Donor” instead of identifying the identity of the Donor if

      • Donor requests anonymity,

      • accepting the donation from the Donor is deemed legal within the United States, but may incite instability in one or more nations or regions,

      • or Company is investigating whether the nature of the Donation, and Company’s acceptance of the Donation, is legal within the United States

    • may be accepted and listed as “Anonymous Donation” instead of describing the full name or nature of the Donation if

      • Donor requests Donation to be excluded from public reporting,

      • accepting the donation is legal, but may incite instability in one or more nations or regions,

      • or accepting the donation is legal, but the open reporting of the Donation could adversely affect security or stability of one or more nations or regions

    • will be reported to the public in an effort of transparency of operations to indicate the honesty of the Company, but may be listed as “Anonymous Donation”, or being received from an entity described as “Anonymous Donor”.