Half Price For Life

Program Benefits

Thank you for your interest in the Half-Price For Life (HPFL) program.  We put this program together in order to maximize your ability to invest in our efforts in a way which will not adversely affect our customers.  In order to maximize the protection of your information and the information of others, we are finding it hard to accept traditional funding agreements which require us to give up control of the company or its operations.  The HPFL program allows us to return your money to you in a recurring manner year after year, for as long as the system is in operation.  Organizations which expect to run a high number of transactions through the MPID system, can maximize their savings by donating according to the estimated amount of transaction fees.


Let's say that you manage a company which has 1,000 employees (including intern, seasonal, part-time, and full-time personnel) and processes 1 million sale transactions via the web each year.  Your company chooses to take a proactive approach to maintaining an idea of how trustworthy their employees are, and to ensure that they are still permitted to work for the company.  Now let's say that the MPID system charges $1 per certified employment eligibility report, $0.05 per credit card authentication process, and $0.03 per customer mailing address request.  Annually, your operations would generate the following amounts of transaction fees:

  • $5,000 in certified employment eligibility reports
  • $50,000 in credit card authentication fees
  • $30,000 in mailing address requests

These amounts indicate that your company will spend at least $85,000 in MPID transaction fees, ensuring that you maintain a legal workforce, eliminate credit card fraud, and significantly reduce waste caused by incorrect addressing.  By donating $42,500 to the development of the MPID system, you would reduce your annual transaction fees by half, until the sum of the discounts exceeded the donation amount.  In just one year, you could recoup the cost of your donation, and each year following would save the company up to $42,500.  Over the next 10 years, your company would save as much as $425,000, and the savings would continue.

Since the MPID system provides the basis for a large number of features we plan to add in coming years, and we will be impacted by inflation as much as everyone else, the amount you spend annually on transaction fees could grow.  When calculating your donation amount via the HPFL program, we ask that you take this into account so that you might maximize your savings for many years to come.  Once the MPID system moves from its beta (development/testing) stage, inclusion into this program will cease, meaning that you will not be able to donate additional funds after that time to increase your amount of annual savings.

Restrictions and Limitations

Though we'd love to accept every penny and bundle of equipment we're offered, it just may not be possible for us to do so.  First and foremost in such an effort as the MPID system, our customers must be able to trust in our ability to keep their information safe.  In such cases, a business' image is important to establishing and maintaining that trust.  For this reason, we cannot agree to accept donations or sponsorships from organizations who willfully conduct illegal activity, are enemies of the United States, or have no intention to honor our documented Terms and Conditions.  We also cannot accept donations in exchange for a controlling interest in BSP, the MPID system, or any associated organization.

At this time, we are in need of monetary support and new or gently used, fully operational computer equipment which we can make use of in our operating environment.  We are also in need of highly secure hosting space which will not require us to publicize the location of our equipment (for reasons of security).  All transactions are final, and the funds and/or property immediately become the property of Bewley Software Productions, to be used in a manner we deem necessary for our employees, operations, or the company.  Service agreements may be considered if they are provided at no cost, and place no future demands upon our organization or operations.  Each donation must have a clear and documented level of worth which BSP can agree to accept.  Finally, BSP reserves the right to decline any donation without stating a reason for our decision, and we hope that in the event we find it necessary to do so, you will not take offense.  After all, there's only so many coffee pots one company can use.

Inclusion in such a program, requires additional work on our part to manage the donations.  If we spend all our time managing donations, we cannot devote our time to completing the work.  For this reason, we require that personal donations be limited to amounts of $1000 USD or greater, and organizational donations be limited to amounts of $10,000 USD or greater.  There is currently no limit to the amount of funding an individual or organization can submit to us, but we may need to change this policy in the future if it is found to violate laws within the United States or your host country.  Donations will be accepted as quickly as possible, but we may need to delay taking ownership of the funds or equipment until such time as we are able to secure adequate storage and/or protection.  We are currently a small company, so please have patience with us.

If at any time, we determine that a program member (individual or organization) is not adhering to the Terms and Agreements of BSP, MPID, or the program, we will terminate your rights to discounts in the current and future billing periods, with or without prior notice.  If you believe a program member has violated our Terms and Agreements, and there is proof to support your claim, we ask that you please check their current standing in the program, and contact us as soon as possible.  Bear in mind that a person or organization is innocent until proven guilty.  This means that we cannot take action against any member until they have either been found guilty of the charge by a court of law, submit an admission of guilt (publicly or privately), or for those issues which need to be handled internally by BSP/MPID, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim.  Please note that willfully submitting falsified claims is a violation of our Terms and Agreements, and may also be punishable offenses by an applicable court of law.

Where's all this going?

Your donations will support all key areas of Bewley Software Productions which occur in support of the MPID system.  Initially, this will allow us to hire additional development resources to complete the development and marketing efforts of the core system.  Beyond that, it will go towards the purchase of things like facilities, servers, software licenses, utilities, insurance, legal support, Customer Service staff, and more, so that we can provide our services to all who wish to secure the identities of their customers and improve their own business processes.  Finally, any remaining funds will be directed toward the development of our coming features, and the explosion of growth we are destined to encounter.

Your concerns are our concerns, and we know that many of you do not wish for your funds to be used for inappropriate purposes.  To that end, here are a few things which your donations will NOT be used for:

  • Any software application or hardware equipment which is not used to support the MPID system.
  • Luxury cars, homes, or other property owned by BSP or for the ownership of its employees.
  • Overly lavish facilities, grounds, travel accomodations, meals, or parties.
  • Excessive salaries or benefits.  We employ some of the best people on earth, but each and every one of us are paid according to our past experiences and accomplishments.  We are a family-oriented company who firmly believes in equal pay for equal work, regardless of age, race, gender, marital status/type, or religious beliefs!
  • Bonuses.  We believe those should be earned and based on revenue/profits of the system.
  • Political agendas or secret associations with organizations.  We may travel to locations in order to fight for your rights to privacy, but our members will be made known of these events as far in advance as possible, and made aware of the outcomes of those events.

How do I maintain my HPFL benefits?

The operation of this program should be seen as being straight-forward for all.  After contacting us to arrange for receiving your donation, and any efforts to transfer said funds, you only need to do the following to receive your discounts year after year:

  • Conduct all business in a legal manner as seen by the United States, your host country, and all local government statutes.
  • Adhere to the MPID Terms and Agreements document, which can be found via a link at the bottom of every page of the MPID websites.
  • Adhere to the MPID standards set forth to ensure a reasonable level of identity security.

We will document all details of the donation transaction(s) within our records, and record the discount against your organization's records.  From that point forward, the operation of the program will be automated so that there is little chance of errors occurring due to human error.  Discounts are applied at the time that monthly billing statements are generated, ensuring that the maximum amount of benefits are applied in an easy-to-understand manner.  Discounts will not be applied to previously generated billing statements, or to any statement which was documented after billing cut-off period.  Upon the annual anniversary date of program activation, the discount amount will be reset and half-price transaction fees will resume until the discount amount is once again exhausted.  In the event that multiple donations are received, the discount period will automatically resume until the new discount limit is reached, even if the account had previously exhausted prior discount amounts.

Actions which may terminate HPFL benefits are:
  1. Organization is found guilty of a felony (or equivalent) charge of any type.
  2. Organization is found to be in willful violation of a MPID Terms and Agreements or BSP Terms and Agreements.
  3. Organization is more than 90 days late in submitting payment for a billing statement.


...and now a bunch of words from our Legal Department

The following definitions are applicable to the contents of this document:

  • The terms “Bewley Software Productions”, “BSP”, “Company”, “the Company”, and “provider” refer to Bewley Software Productions, Inc., which may also be known by its previous and/or Doing Business As (DBA) names of “Bewley Software Productions, LLC”, “Bewleysoft” and “Bewleysoft LLC”.

  • The terms “MPID”, “System” and “the System” refer to the “Multi-use Passport Identification System”, may also be known as and referred to as the “Multiple-use Passport Identification System”.

  • The term “Donor” refers to a person or organization which provides goods or information to the Company.

  • Donations provided to the Company and/or the System,
    • are sincerely appreciated, whether accepted or not,

    • will be refused if the Donation or act of accepting the donation, is illegal within the United States,

    • will be refused if the Donor obtained possession or control of the Donation by means which are considered to be illegal within the United States,

    • may be accepted without indicating that the Company accepts, condones, approves, disapproves, or condemns the activities of the Donor,

    • are considered final once notification is received by the Company that funds or goods have been delivered to the control or possession of the Company,

    • may be returned or refused if acceptance of such Donations is not in the best interest of the Company,

    • may be returned or refused if Company cannot make use of the Donations before they expire, depreciate in value, or may become damaged prior to use,

    • may be accepted and list the Donor as “Anonymous Donor” instead of identifying the identity of the Donor if

      • Donor requests anonymity,

      • accepting the donation from the Donor is deemed legal within the United States, but may incite instability in one or more nations or regions,

      • or Company is investigating whether the nature of the Donation, and Company’s acceptance of the Donation, is legal within the United States

    • may be accepted and listed as “Anonymous Donation” instead of describing the full name or nature of the Donation if

      • Donor requests Donation to be excluded from public reporting,

      • accepting the donation is legal, but may incite instability in one or more nations or regions,

      • or accepting the donation is legal, but the open reporting of the Donation could adversely affect security or stability of one or more nations or regions

    • will be reported to the public in an effort of transparency of operations to indicate the honesty of the Company, but may be listed as “Anonymous Donation”, or being received from an entity described as “Anonymous Donor”.