How You Can Help

A system with functionality as complex as that of the MPID system, yet which provides a rich and simple-to-use interface for all users, requires a huge amount of design and development effort.  In short, it’s big but we’re trying to keep it simple for you.  In order for us to finish sometime this century, we’re asking for your support  by sending donations and sponsorships our way.

Since you’re helping us, we would like to return the favor.  For private donations less than $1,000 USD, or organizational donations less than $10,000, we will credit your account with a one-time amount equal to three (3) times the US dollar amount of your donation.  For private donations of $1,000 or more, or organizational donations of $10,000 or more, we recommend that you contact us about our Half-Price For Life program which will discount MPID transaction fees by half, until you reach the combined amount of your donations.  The best part of the Half-Price For Life program, is that the discount total resets on the donation anniversary date, allowing you to save money each year for the rest of your life!  There are some restrictions, of course, so if you want more reading 
material check out this link for donations, this link for sponsorships, and this link for the Half-Price For Life program.

If you’d like to send us some money, and see big ole smiles on our faces, then please proceed via the donation or subscription buttons below.  The subscription button differs by setting up recurring payments which keeps us smiling month after month.  If those buttons just don’t do it for you, feel free to send us an email instead.  You’ll find us at   Don't forget about the Half-Price For Life program which gives you or your organization discounted transaction fees for years to come.


Sponsorships are a lot like donations -- but with the added benefit that your organization can display a small image and link on the site.  If you represent an organization and would allow us to tell the world how proud we are to be your friends via this program please contact us at

Other Investment Options

Ever try one of those one-size-fits-all pair of overalls?  We don’t like the way they ride up either.  Let’s face it.  We all have our peculiarities! Besides, you’ll never get that glob of equipment, or big stack of 20’s attached to your email, so go ahead and drop us a note at  We’re more than happy to work with you via phone or email since we haven’t quite figured out the process of teleportation across the Internet.  There are other low-tech ways to holler at us, and you’ll find that information at the bottom of the page.

There’s a catch to all of this.  Yep, you knew that was coming.  For now, we ask that you please refrain from laying claim or taking control of our little company.  Frankly, it’s all we’ve got, and we believe that it’s in the best interest of our customers’ identity security for it to remain right where it is.  We thank you for understanding.


Bewley Software Productions, Inc.
Attn: Investments Office
1281 E. Magnolia Street, Ste D133
Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States of America

Phone:  1-970-658-0366

NOTE:  The above mailing address refers to a UPS Store location with services to support delivery signatures.